Tape Box 2





Source Materials:
Portable cassette player / recorder, ornamental box, Perspex, pots, buttons, 3 way switch, 1/4″ jacks.


  • Variable tape-speed control
  • Playback direction toggle switch & buttons
  • Volume control
  • Input via 1/4 inch jack input or internal mic
  • Output via 1/4 inch jack output or internal speaker
  • Re-housed batteries

Current Status:


A further development of the previous small box tape loop player & sampler, this updated version was commissioned for a friend.  In this revision an internal mic and speaker were included alongside the (now optional) 1/4 inch jack input/outputs. Plugging into the input / output jacks cuts the internal mic / speaker. The batteries were also re-housed onto the lid of the box, making the process of changing them much easier than having to remove the entire tape unit. Tape playback speed of this model is roughly the same as the previous, ~2.5 to ~20 seconds depending on tape loop length and playback speed – although this version has a slightly wider speed range due to differences in the tape player.