ImageStitcher – V1.0


A small, free application I wrote for quick and easy stitching of image files. Outputs vertical or horizontal orientation, multiple image file types and various options for arranging the output order. Click the image for the download page.

Agquip Flowmeter Version 1

IMG_20160128_140916 copy

Version 1, the first release of my flow sensor data acquisition hardware developed for Agquip for installation into slurry distribution systems. These units capture sensor data from flow meters and communicate over bluetooth to a bespoke Android app where flow rate, distribution speed, distribution area and other details are displayed and recorded. My firmware in this unit features bi-directional bluetooth communication for setup and calibration as well as local data storage on the hardware itself.


Stethoscope Microphones


Another contact microphone project I completed recently for Cat Barter working with the Replay Theatre Company and the Arts Council Northern Ireland – Creating bespoke stethoscope microphones for listening to body sounds. The design specification was for a method for amplifying, exploring and listening to bodily sounds such as heart beat and breath. My final design consisted of a commercial stethoscope head in which I embedded a contact microphone and audio output jack.


DIY Electronic Instrument Building Workshop


The beginning of a two week workshop with Undergraduate students at SARC. Teaching them about cheap and dirty electronic systems for making sound and building musical instruments. This picture was in the middle of some noisy Victorian Synthesis, driving speakers with motors & fans and wiring everything together to discover new sounds.