DIY Electronic Instrument Building Workshop


The beginning of a two week workshop with Undergraduate students at SARC. Teaching them about cheap and dirty electronic systems for making sound and building musical instruments. This picture was in the middle of some noisy Victorian Synthesis, driving speakers with motors & fans and wiring everything together to discover new sounds.

Interaction Lab Re-Design


In the stages of some more re-construction work of the Interaction Lab at SARC. Designing curtain hanging systems that can be easily moved, modified and re-configured. This is the default, a neutral backdrop and blank space. Up next, flooring and re-wiring.

New Device – Tape Box 3


Here’s another new instrument I finished a while ago. This modified tape loop player was commissioned for Herman Kolgen, an award winning multimedia artist based in Montreal. This device was an adaption from the previous version (and the version before that) with some tweaks and new controls added for Herman. This version has the addition of an internal feedback loop. With the feedback switch and feedback volume controls you can record evolving loops of electronic feedback onto the tape. As with the previous versions, you can still record from an external source or microphone and control the direction and speed of the tape for lots of lo fidelity analog fun. More pictures, audio and full details when I get them online!