New Device – Tape Box 3



Here’s another new instrument I finished a while ago. This modified tape loop player was commissioned for Herman Kolgen, an award winning multimedia artist based in Montreal. This device was an adaption from the previous version (and the version before that) with some tweaks and new controls added for Herman. This version has the addition of an internal feedback loop. With the feedback switch and feedback volume controls you can record evolving loops of electronic feedback onto the tape. As with the previous versions, you can still record from an external source or microphone and control the direction and speed of the tape for lots of lo fidelity analog fun. More pictures, audio and full details when I get them online!

New Device – Noise Cube




Here’s a couple pictures of an an instrument I finished recently, the Noise Cube. It was commissioned for Seth Rozanoff, and consists of one of my Atari-Noise Boards. I expanded the original design with some tweaks in the controls and the addition of touch controls. It also looks great in the dark. I will upload a full page with more info & sounds as soon as I can.

Circuit Bending & Hardware Hacking Workshop Video

Here’s a compilation of some circuit bending & hardware hacking from the DIY Sound Making workshop I ran recently, assisted by Barry Cullen. This was an intense two day workshop covering all sorts of cheap and simple ways of making sound with hardware. We covered everything from Victorian Synthesis and making oscillators from switches to circuit bending and hardware hacking. Check out some of the sounds in the video below.

Circuit Bent Atari-Noise Board


atair noise board crackle bend




Barry Cullen is at it again! This time he has done some circuit bending on one of my Atari-Noise Boards. Apparently he can now get additional Crackle Box type sounds out of it as well as the noisy synth itself.


Looking forward to hearing it in action…

Fresh Fruit Controlled Atari-Noise Board

atari noise board little miss trouble

Barry Cullen made this fantastic fruit controlled synth with one of my Atari-Noise Board synths.

It’s enclosed in a Little Miss Trouble tin with control pots, a line out and electrodes to connect into some fruit for juicy control. More info is on his page.

Check out his video of it below:

Atari-Noise Board 1.2



An image received from Ricky Graham, who just received a batch of my Atari-Noise Boards. I hear he will be using them in his Musical Interaction Design class next semester at Stevens Institute of Technology.


Version 1.2 of my Atari-Noise Boards are for sale on the ‘kits’ page (even though the info & images have not been updated!). This version has a few tweaks and additional controls. New designs will be available in the future & I have been looking into creating synth housing kits to go with them.

Sound On A String




After several late weekends working in SARC on the installation – Sound On A String launches next week. Get down to the launch and enjoy the installation & free beverages!

Launch Party Facebook event page

Audience Study


A few pictures from the audience study we ran in SARC this week as part of the SIEMPRE project in collaboration with Queen’s University psychologists. The audience members were hooked up with various physiological sensors, feedback devices & motion tracking while they watched several performances.


Sound On A String Progress

Sound On A String

Sound on a String Cups



Further progress from the installation (opening the 8th December) I’m working on with Paul StapletonJavier Jaimovich & Adnan Marquez Borbon.

Performance with Plaid @ Belfast Festival




Tomorrow (27/10/12) I will be collaborating with the fantastic Plaid duo in a performance at the Belfast Festival. Myself and a group of other artists from SARC have been collaborating with the duo all week on a large audio visual performance. The performance is in the (very large and reverberant) atrium of the Ulster Museum and may be strategically distributed around the space. Tickets are available on the festival website. Come down and see what we have worked on!